What the Stars think about PAMELA ANDERSON 's Career


We are shortly to be concerning an astrological analysis of Pamela's ill-fated marriage with Tommy Lee. The analysis suggests that the split up-is of no surprise. The webmaster here can do a similar analysis for any young couple proposing to get engaged or married - before they make the same mistake. Follow the link to the stately home at the bottom of the page to get in contact.

Pamela Anderson's career tends to require inventiveness and originality. Pamela Anderson's responsibilities may require her to ignore usual conventions, but strive to bring a greater sense of awareness and freedom into the world. Pamela Anderson may be involved in progressive, humanitarian causes and efforts to realize a social ideal.

It is against Pamela Anderson's nature to work totally alone or to follow established routine. Pamela Anderson is best when working with people in groups or organizations. Pamela Anderson thrives on the unexpected.

Pamela Anderson's career rewards take the form of social recognition and association with fun, play and recreation. She must guard against foolishly idealistic schemes, outlandish independence, and "clownish entertaining" that could to herself and others away from regarding the purpose of Pamela Anderson's work seriously.

Inventor, scientist, forecaster, statistician, career in advanced technology or computers, career in entertainment, broadcasting, or recording fields, charity worker, child care worker, political party worker, lobbyist, union official, social club organizer, conference organizer, work in amusements or festivals.


Career goals describe the skills you use to subordinate yourself to larger public goals, responsibilities, or demands. These goals also can describe your duties, field of work, and your employer.

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Scroll below for some more astrological analysis and Pamela's horoscope for June 1997 and onwards. Here's why astrology can work. Astrology is nothing to do with a neurotic obsession about knowing the future, although the Greek God Apollo was master of prophecy. Apollo's maxim was "Know thyself" and in that, in knowing one's tendencies, weaknesses and strengths, astrology has a place. In the Biblical Christmas story, Christ was found by the Three Wise Men who followed a Star. Whilst the Church is correct in working against the neurotic use of astrology, it ought to take a more open minded view about allowing people to know themselves, working with themselves rather than striving to be someone else and fighting themselves. The ancient Greek ideas bear similarities both to the Bible and to Buddhism - and the effect of the understanding of this within Christianity resulted in both the Renaissance and the later Enlightenment of the 18th century celbrated by beautiful buildings and landscape parks. In the Greek version of the creation of Eve from the bone of Adam, each of the Gods (refferred to Biblically as the Sons of God - Genesis 6 and Job1) threw in a component into the programming of Pandora the first woman - from whom by definition all our genes are derived. Knowing how the Gods programmed Pandora tell us also how we are programmed and helps us to know ourselves.

Here are some more files produced by the computer purely arising from plugging in a place, date and time of birth. They arise purely from the mechanical positions of objects at a time of birth. The following files bear no relation to any real person nor describe the real character of anyone nor are based upon personal knowledge of any real living person. They arise from pure mathematical analysis. But an analysis such as this can help people to know themselves

Profile and predominance of traits of no real person
Family analysis of no real person
Partnership and relationship of no real person but according to tvguidelive.com it might apply to Pamela Anderson: she'll need to know herself and be careful to guard against any such tendencies
Ego analysis of no real person
Here's a Horoscope for Pamela Anderson

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