near East Grinstead, Sussex UK

Your comments are sought in relation to what we can do to prepare for potential chaos arising from the Milennium Bug. Please click here.

Your two District Councillors at Wealden District Council are
Olivia (Libby) HUBBARD (Conservative) 01342 824061 fax 826450 and
John SULLY (Conservative) 01342 822166

Please telephone your councillors about any issue that they may be able to help you with - or any other that you feel they should be doing something about!


The Forest Row Parish Council

now has a fax - 01342 825739 its office's telephone number is 822661. You can email them from here - BUT PLEASE GIVE A FAX NUMBER or SNAIL MAIL address for reply

The Forest Row Business Forum has just started up!

If you'd like to participate then email John Gill at 101576.3372@CompuServe.COM

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Here's the no longer MacDonalds-free town of East Grinstead Wealden is still MacDonalds-free!

Try Latroba the search Engine at Info-World and the Travel Fact File Directories

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