God to a physicist

I haven't been flamed yet - indeed had no feedback whatever! I'd be interested to learn of your comments . . . Please mail from here . . . As a physicist I regard there to be a binding force between all of existence - by binding I mean cooperating, such as the force of gravity.

God is love! Szekely's translation of St John's Gospel from the original aramaic documents sourced from the Dead Sea Scrolls opens
"In the beginning was the Law and the Law was with God"

Gravity is the fundamental force, a law of physics which binds all matter - it's a cooperating force always. In human terms we call it love.

Electromagnetism and all the associated sub nuclear forces are different - these are forces which attract and repel. In this 3rd dimensional age*, we concetrate almost exclusively upon electromagnetism for our technology and our lives. We find our present times saturated with the resulting contrasts between the attracting and the repelling.

An examination of belief in God can benefit from analysis in terms of Laws of Physics. All religions lead us to the temptation to the worship of the personification of God, the beings who bring the Gravity/Love/Cooperating message rather than the worship/understanding/living of love itself in life.

Father, son and holy spirit.

The love-cooperation force is the father force from which holy spirit force flows. Holy spirit force I regard as a communicative force rather than a binding force - perhaps gravitational waves. So the first force is father force. Concentration upon this results from Buddhist meditation and finding the God father force in us. Even Jesus said "worship the father, not me".

Son - well, I believe that that applies to the people (extra terrestrial) who created us, "and the sons of god married the daughters of men" - all of us who see light (father and spirit force) are sons of god, personifications of god - as well of course as God's virgin begotten son. Concentration upon this results in the monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Mohammedanism, leading us to the father by example and finding the father in us.

So all religions are different faces of the same thing, different routes of the same quest.

The Essene texts mention angels of the Earthly Mother and of the Heavenly Father- of, for instance, power, sun, water, air. Whilst I beleive angels to be personifications, someone wrote to me and said that Angel derived from angle derived from force. Suggests to me a prehistoric understanding of vector physics.

So I believe in personifications as well as forces. As a quantum physicist I suppose I should be allowed to believe in dualities.

But these dualities transform into a triplicity in the understanding of the Parthenon Frieze http://www.hammerwood.mistral.co.uk/partheno.htm and http://www.hammerwood.mistral.co.uk/earthwav.htm

The Greek Pantheon transforms into
1. Cosmic astrological gravitational forces that influence us
2. Influence (force) of the extraterrestrial and terrestrial personifications who made us and guided us in our early days and 3. Influence of each of those voices of each of the forces represented by those personifications in our heads - of whom we are the Chairman, the ego within our thoughts. According to the myth of Pandora, each of the Greek deities chucked into Pandora, the Greek Eve made by Elohim, the spice of qualities of themselves. As we all descend from Eve or Pandora, we need to understand her psyche in order to understand ourselves and there is no better illustration of this than the Parthenon Frieze in which all the different faces of religion unite.

So in these three parallel equivalent transformations you come back to Father, son and holy spirit. Another sense in which this is true is in the three groupings on the frieze - one centred around Zeus - father, Apollo - son and Hermes - communication - Holy Spirit All that we have ever been told in whichever and every religion or belief system starts to unite.

In the spirit of Plato, Harmonic Accordance enables one to find the hidden fundamental by listening to two related notes at once - yes go try it. A choir teacher might help you or a piano tuner or organ tuner - we all hear those notes - but few translate them into further meaning into the rest of our lives. In looking at information, I often look for the reason why some information is missing. The reason why is, almost by definition of the process of the information loss, as revealing as the missing information would be if you had it. From the reason why, you can then deduce the information omitted. That's been a major centre of my methodology.

It can be more powerful because you can deduce other things too. If you have two notes, one of which is the fundamental, and the other an octave harmonic, you can only deduce that one is a harmonic of the other. You cannot deduce a series because you cannot tell to which octave the fundamental should belong. If you have two nearest harmonics, you can deduce the fundamental and all of the harmonic series deriving therefrom.

On the notation middle C with 'C as the octave below and ''C two octave below, you cannot tell, if you are given C and 'C whether the fundamental is ''''C or '''C or ''C and you therefore cannot derive the harmonics. If you are given C and E then ''C is the fundamental with 'C 'G C E G Bb CDEFF#G etc as the harmonics.

So it is with this multiplicity of myths. Put Genesis next to the Greek next to the Hopi next to the Chinese next to the Egyptian and one starts to find the truth totality

* Consolidated Dimensions:

First: Space
Second: Time
Third: Properties of symmetry producing the electron and electromagnetism
Forth: Gravity

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