The Enigmatic Comet Hale Bopp
and a quest for possibly associated mythology

David Pinnegar BSc ARCS

During last year my attention was drawn to Longwood Warren Crop circle.

It was found in the last week of July 1995. Earth appears to be missing. Here is a picture of the Solar system viewed from underneath on 25th July 1995:

Here is a picture of the Solar system viewed from on top in January 1998:

The moons of Jupiter also present a similar pattern then, suggesting a link with Jupiter who's recent history includes a collision with comet Shoemaker-Levy.

What is extraordinary is that the Comet was discovered during the same week as the appearance of the crop circle. Like the crop circle images, it passes through the solar system from below to above.

Because the comet has visited our solar system before some thousands of years ago, it seemed reasonable to start researching among the ancient texts and legends. A synthesis of the ancient philosophies, religions and ideas can give us a guide to our modern world in which we find so much to be beyond the rationality of our logic. So much dismissed as myth, is increasingly found to be attributable to true events.

Many ancient ideas add a level of irrationality which is capable of transforming our understanding, to the extent found in mathematics and physics when logicians discovered they could use an irrational number, the root of minus one, to obtain rational results. The most amazing such quantum leap which was enabled by the irrational number idea was the theoretical discovery of electromagnetic radio waves by Maxwell in the last century.

So if you find my writing and links which follow to be irrational, please just save them to disk and ponder!

The Parthenon Frieze suggests that we might expect a Zeusean thunderbolt: although modern politics has embraced Agenda 21 we have ignored for too long the pleas of Demeter and Mother Earth to treat her better so we can expect her to have a word in the ear of Heavenly Father Posiedon who causes storms and moves mountains, we have ignored Heavenly Father Chairman Zeus who sees us grow plenty of food but let nations starve who suffer drought upon climatic changes we have brought about be ignoring Demeter Mother Earth and we have given the vote to disorderly Dionysus. Accordingly the Council may have voted to allow Heavenly Father Zeus to give us a kick up the backside!

So after a recurring Debate of the Heavenly Council depicted on the Parthenon Frieze and recorded by Homer and Plato. The debate happened when the Scientific Council discovered that a genetic engineer had copied his DNA in another chemistry to form life in his image, it happened when Prometheus and Athena stole the fire of the Gods and started to help us climb the tree of knowledge, it happened when we got too clever and built a tower too close to the heavens at Babel, it happened when God decided to do away with mankind in Noah's flood and the destruction of Atlantis by sinking it under water.

Below the following section from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, I have placed a passage from a book which I published in December 1995 "The Parthenon Frieze (in which science, history and belief converge)". In which every ambiguity may be intended I question in terms of reality and allegory. Beyond matters discussed below it is likely that the moving mass and magnetic effects of the comet will produce weather and psychological disorders.

This page was inspired by Latrobe's work and symbolism at Hammerwood Park, where, God willing you might like to visit or stay. Hammerwood Park was built as a temple to Apollo and the following passage was discovered whilst researching Apollo and his connexion, according to Herodotus, with the Egyptian, Horus.

Signs in the Heavens

The Master returns to attend his vineyard

The Egyptian "Book of the Dead" appears to read in parallel a dual intellectual and astronomical navigation guide - a descriptive route-map of signposts:
"He bestoweth wickedness on him that worketh wickedness, and right and truth upon him that followeth righteousness and truth."

"He shooteth forth rays of light from his eye, being himself invisible, and he goeth round about heaven robed in the flames which come from his mouth, commanding Hapi, but remaining invisible himself."

This sounds like the images we have been seeing of Comet Hale Bopp.

Hale Bopp and companion object

For some time, followers of the comet have been surprised about the comet's tail. Normally the tail follows the comet on its journey towards the sun - i.e. is on the other side of the sun. When Hale Bopp was first noticed, the tail was on the sunward side.

The only possible apparent explanation was that there was an invisible object, perhaps hidden by the comet, following the comet, emitting energy to cause the tail to precede the comet. Is the comet the eye, clothed in robes of flame from his mouth commanding Hapi and the object behind the "invisible one"?

Herodotus wrote about Egyptian wisdom around 400 BC:

Thus far I have spoken on the authority of the Egyptians and their priests. They declare that from their first king to this last-mentioned monarch, the priest of Vulcan (Hephaestus), was a period of three hundred and forty-one generations; such, at least, they say, was the number both of their kings, and of their high-priests, during this interval. Now three hundred generations of men make ten thousand years, three generations filling up the century; and the remaining forty-one generations make thirteen hundred and forty years.

Thus the whole number of years is eleven thousand, three hundred and forty; in which entire space, they said, no god had ever appeared in a human form; nothing of this kind had happened either under the former or under the later Egyptian kings.

The sun, however, had within this period of time, on four several occasions, moved from his wonted course, twice rising where he now sets, and twice setting where he now rises.

Egypt was in no degree affected by these changes; the productions of the land, and of the river, remained the same; nor was there anything unusual either in the diseases or the deaths.

(From the Papyrus of Nebseni, Brit. Mus. No. 9900, Sheet 14, ll. 16ff.)

"As concerning the Divine Twin-gods they are Heru-netch-her-tefef and Heru-khent- en-Ariti ( the Advocate of his father [Osiris], and the sightless). "Others say that the double Divine Soul which dwelleth in the Divine Twin-gods is the Soul of Ra and the Soul of Osiris, and yet others say that it is the Soul which dwelleth in Shu, and the Soul which dwelleth in Tefnut, and that these two Souls form the double Divine Soul which dwelleth in Tetu. "I am the Cat which fought near the Persea Tree in Anu on the night when the foes of Neb-er-tcher were destroyed."

Who is this Cat?

"This male Cat is Ra himself, and he was called 'Mau' because of the speech of the god Sa, who said concerning him: 'He is like (mau) unto that which he hath made'; therefore, did the name of Ra become 'Mau.' "Others, however, say that the male Cat is the god Shu, who made over the possessions of Keb to Osiris. "As concerning the fight which took place near the Persea Tree in Anu [these words have reference to the slaughter] of the children of rebellion, when righteous retribution was meted out to them for [the evil] which they had done. "As concerning the 'night of the battle,' [these words refer to] the invasion of the eastern portion of the heaven by the children of rebellion, whereupon a great battle arose in heaven and in all the earth. "O thou who art in thine egg (Ra,) who showest from thy Disk, who risest on thy horizon, and dost shine with golden beams in the height of heaven, like unto whom there is none among the gods, who sailest above the Pillars of Shu, who sendest forth blasts of fire from thy mouth, [who illuminest the Two Lands with thy splendour, deliver] thou Nebseni, the lord of fealty [to Osiris], from the god whose form is hidden, and whose eyebrows are like unto the two arms of the Balance on the night when the sentences of doom are promulgated."

Who is this invisible god?

"It is An-a-f (he who bringeth his arm.). "As concerning 'the night when the sentences of doom are promulgated,' it is the night of the burning of the damned, and of the overthrow of the wicked at the Block, and of the slaughter of souls."

Who is this [slaughterer of souls]?

"It is Shesmu, the headsman of Osiris. "[Concerning the invisible god] some say that he is Aapep when he riseth up with a head bearing upon it [the feather of] Maat (Truth). But others say that he is when he riseth up with two heads, whereon one beareth [the feather of] Maat, and the other [the symbol of] wickedness. He bestoweth wickedness on him that worketh wickedness, and right and truth upon him that followeth righteousness and truth. "Others say that he is Heru-ur (the Old ), who dwelleth in Sekhem; others say that he is Thoth; others say that he is Nefer-Tem; and others say that he is Sept who doth bring to nought the acts of the foes of Nebertcher.

"Deliver thou the scribe Nebseni, whose word is truth, from the Watchers, who carry murderous knives, who possess cruel fingers, and who would slay those who are in the following of Osiris." May these Watchers never gain the mastery over me, and may I never fall under their knives!

Who are these Watchers?

"They are Anubis and , [the latter being] in the form of Horus the sightless. Others, however, say that they are the Tchatcha (sovereign princes of Osiris), who bring to nought the operations of their knives; and others say that they are the chiefs of the Sheniu chamber. "May their knives never gain the mastery over me. May I never fall under the knives wherewith they inflict cruel tortures. For I know their names, and I know the being, Matchet, who is among them in the House of Osiris. He shooteth forth rays of light from his eye, being himself invisible, and he goeth round about heaven robed in the flames which come from his mouth, commanding Hapi, but remaining invisible himself. May I be strong on earth before Ra, may I arrive safely in the presence of Osiris. O ye who preside over your altars, let not your offerings to me be wanting, for I am one of those who follow after Nebertcher, according to the writings of Khepera. Let me fly like a hawk, let me cackle like a goose, let me lay always like the serpent-goddess Neheb-ka."

Who are those who preside over their altars?

"Those who preside over their altars are the similitude of the Eye of Ra, and the similitude of the Eye of Horus. "O Ra-Tem, thou Lord of the Great House [in Anu], thou Sovereign (life, strentgh, health [be to thee]) of all the gods, deliver thou the scribe Nebseni, whose word is truth, from the god whose face is like unto that of a greyhound, whose brows are like those of a man, who feedeth upon the dead, who watcheth at the Bend of the Lake of Fire, who devoureth the bodies of the dead, and swalloweth hearts, and who voideth filth, but who himself remaineth unseen."

Who is this greyhound-faced god?

"His name is 'Everlasting Devourer,' and he liveth in the Domain [of Fire] (the Lake of Unt). "As concerning the Domain of Fire, it is that Aat which is in Naarutef, and is near the Sheniu chamber. The sinner who walketh over this place falleth down among the knives [of the Watchers]. "Others, however, say that the name of this god is 'Mates,' and that he keepeth watch over the door of Amentet; others say that his name is 'Beba,' and that he keepeth watch over the Bend [of the stream] of Amentet, and yet others say that his name is 'Herisepef.' "Hail, Lord of Terror, Chief of the Lands of the South and North, thou Lord of the Desert, who dost keep prepared the block of slaughter, and who dost feed on the intestines [of men]!"

Who is this Lord of Terror?

"It is the Keeper of the Bend [of the stream] of Amentet."

Who is this Keeper?

"It is the Heart of Osiris, which is the devourer of all slaughtered things. "The Urrt Crown hath been given unto him, with gladness of heart, as Lord of Hensu."

Who is this?

"He to whom the Urrt Crown hath been given with gladness of heart as Lord of Hensu is Osiris. He was bidden to rule among the gods on the day of the union of earth [with earth] in the presence of Nebertcher."

Who is this?

"He who was bidden to rule among the gods is the son of Isis (Horus), who was appointed to rule in the room of his father Osiris. "As concerning [the words] 'day of the union of earth with earth,' they have reference to the union of earth with earth in the coffin of Osiris, the Soul that liveth in Hensu, the giver of meat and drink, the destroyer of wrong, and the guide to the everlasting paths."

Who is this?

"It is Ra himself."

"[Deliver thou the Osiris the scribe Ani, whose word is truth] from the great god who carrrieth away souls, who eateth hearts, who feedeth upon offal, who keepeth watch in the darkness, who dwelleth in the Seker Boat; those who live in sin fear him."

Who is this?

"It is Suti, but others say that it is Smamur, the soul of Keb. "Hail, Khepera in thy boat, the two Companies of the Gods are in thy body. Deliver thou the Osiris the scribe Ani, whose word is truth, from the Watchers who pass sentences of doom, who have been appointed by the god Nebertcher to protect him, and to fasten the fetters on his foes, and who slaughter in the torture chambers; there is no escape from their fingers. May they never stab me with their knives, may I never fall helpless into their chambers of torture. I have never done the things which the gods hate. I am he who is pure in the Mesqet chamber. And saffron cakes have been brought unto him in Tannt."

Who is this?

"It is Khepera in his boat; it is Ra himself. "As concerning the Watchers who pass sentences of doom, they are the Apes Isis and Nephthys. "As concerning the things which the gods hate, they are acts of deceit and lying. He who passeth through the place of purification within the Mesqet chamber is Anpu (Anubis), who is hard by the coffer which containeth the inward parts of Osiris. He to whom saffron cakes have been brought in Tannt is Osiris. "Others, however, say that the saffron cakes in Tannt represent heaven and earth, and others say that they represent Shu, the strengthener of the Two Lands in Hensu; and others say that they represent the Eye of Horus, and that Tannt is the burial-place of Osiris. "Tem hath builded thy house, and the double Lion-god hath laid the foundations of thy habitation. Lo! medicaments have been brought.

Horus purifieth Set and Set strengtheneth, and Set purifieth and Horus strengtheneth. "The Osiris the scribe Ani, whose word is truth before Osiris, hath come into this land, and he hath taken possession thereof with his two feet. He is Tem, and he is in the city. "Turn thou back, O Rehu, whose mouth shineth, whose head moveth, turn thou back before his strength." Another reading is, 'Turn thou back from him who keepeth watch, and is himself unseen.' Let the Osiris Ani be safely guarded. He is Isis, and he is found with her hair spread over him; it is shaken out over his brow. He was conceived by Isis, and engendered by Nephthys, and they have cut away from him the things which should be cut from him. "Fear followeth after thee, terror is about thine arms. Thou hast been embraced for millions of years by arms; mortals go round about thee. Thou smitest down the mediators of thy foes, and thou seizest the arms of the power of darkness. Thy two sisters (Isis and Nephthys) are given to thee for thy delight. Thou hast created that which is in Kher-aha, and that which is Anu. Every god feareth thee, for thou art exceedingly great and terrible; thou [avengest] every god on the man who curseth him, and thou shootest arrows at him. Thou livest according to thy will. Thou art Uatchet, the Lady of Flame, evil befalleth those who set themselves up against thee."

What is this?

"'Hidden in form, given of Menhu,' is the name of the "tomb. 'He who seeth what is on his hand' is the name of Qerau, or, as others say, it is the name of the Block. "Now, he whose mouth shineth and whose head moveth is the phallus of Osiris, but others say it is [the phallus] of Ra. 'Thou spreadest thy hair, and I shake it out over his brow" is said concerning Isis, who hideth in her hair, and draweth it round about her. "Uatchet, the Lady of Flames, is the Eye of Ra."

A normal looking comet

Reality or Allegory?

Led Zepellin, the pop-group, were strangely prophetic and although they apparently did nothing for Hammerwood Park in their ownership but allowed it to go derelict, they were profoundly influenced by symbolism of the house.

If there is one song for which the group will be remembered, it will have been "Stairway to Heaven"

"There's a lady who's sure all that
Glitters is gold
And she's buying a stairway to heaven
And when she gets there she knows
If the stores are closed
With a word she can get what she came for.

There's a sign on the wall
But she wants to be sure
'Cause you know sometimes words have
Two meanings.
In a tree by the brook there's a songbird
Who sings sometimes
All of our thoughts are misgiven.

There's a feeling I get when I look
To the west
And my spirit is crying for leaving.
In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke
Through the trees
And the voices of those who stand looking.

And it's wispered that soon
If we all call the tune
Then the piper will lead us to reason
And a new day will dawn
For those who stand long
And the forests will echo with laughter.

And it makes me wonder.

If there's a bustle in your hedgerow
Don't be alarmed now
It's just a spring clean for the May-Queen.
Yes there are two paths you can go by
But in the long run
There's still time to change the road you're on.

Your head is humming and it won't go
- In case you don't know
The piper's calling you to join him.
Dear lady can you hear the wind blow
And did you know
Your stairway lies on the wispering wind.

And as we wind down the road
Our shadows taller than our soul
There walks a lady we all know
Who shines white light and wants to show
How everything still turns to gold.
And if you listen very hard
The tune will come to you at last
When all are one and one is all
To be a rock and not to roll.

Copyright 1971 Atlantic Recording Corporation

What's the bustle in the Hedgerow?

The country saying about the ash and the oak bears truth: the order of leafing indicates whether the following summer will be a "soak" or a "splash". How do the trees know? Yet they do. We ignore the signs of nature at our peril - whether they be strange weather or spots observed on our sun.

In July 1995 a new comet was observed by amateur astronomers between Saturn and Jupiter, larger than any other known. I was unaware of this until early September when a friend attended a lecture by astro-physicist Jazz Rasool B.Sc. M.Sc. in which he expressed concern about certain characteristics, including the perturbation of the orbits of Neptune and Pluto three years ago. Astrologically, one can expect a perturbation of our perceptions, at least of water and the sea (Neptune/Poseidon) and the movement of mountains and of all symbolised by Pluto: the wealth and treasures of the earth and the the under-earth, Hades.

Was this the mythical comet or dark star which the Greeks knew as Typhon and returns every 3600 years to bring floods (Czech) and destruction (hope not!) passing closest to us in March 1997?

Whether or not destruction is to come on this occasion, we know that such disasters recur. Concerns are therefore justified and, in view of the connexion between our minds and the forces of gravity, we ought to put supplies in store, addressing both spiritual and material issues. If food is needed when the land has been washed in turmoil, all the money in the world will not buy what is needed for the human race to survive.

We have on this occasion a growing season before 1997 and, if we are to heed the possibility of danger, we need to reverse current agricultural policy to pay farmers to grow food for store rather than as at present paying them to grow nothing.

The astro-physicists where publicly very quiet when they met in Geneva at the time of the Neptune/Pluto perturbations. Why have they been so quiet? Is it that no-one dare talk about a possible danger in case panic sets in? Populations in fear without faith set people destructively one against the other.

The comet was not predicted to hit earth - it will be over a Sun's distance away. Yet it has not yet hit the asteroid belt where, as it were, anything can happen. After all, flippantly, Zeus might not yet have decided whether or not to caste his thunderbolt at us yet! Another apparently innocuous comet came into the solar system a couple of years ago but on it's way back from the other side of the sun, it broke into 22 pieces and crashed into Jupiter - Zeus himself showing us the damage we might expect.

The strength with which Zeus might hit us with his thunderbolt or Thor with his hammer may depend on our love for our neighbour and the extent to which we can achieve Roosevelt's freedoms for which the millions of souls were sacrificed in the second world war.

What are we to do?

By October 1996, the arrival of the comet will be universal knowledge, especially as by that stage we will have seen whether or not it collided with something in the asteroid belt. If it has done so, we will have lost our one growing season in which to prepare. Our people will say "What have our leaders done for us?" and have good reason to panic.

Would it not be better therefore to prepare now (Autumn 1995): farmers could be encouraged to plant crops for this season with public understanding and no panic?

Toying this over in my mind, on the night of October 16th there was a late night Open University art history programme about the St John's Baptistry Chapel in Padua. Dedicated to St John, its frescoes depict the story of the world from Genesis to Revelation and most graphically depicted the mountain of fire falling into the sea, page 5 above, Revelation 8:8. The next morning appeared in The Times newspaper the article about the Russian radioactive fuel rods in the rusting hulk. Concerned at this, I looked at the biblical text again and saw Revelation 8:10
And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters;

This appeared to confirm the relevance of the comet of which we are now aware, but wondering further I opened the hitherto unopened current issue of "Fortean Times" in which one can guarantee some information on matters unusual. Under the humourous heading "Giant UFO ahoy" the article insists that the comet will not come near earth and is no danger. 'Astronomers',it continues, 'have admitted being surprised by the unexpected arrival. " It is unheard of for a comet to be visible by small telescopes while so far away," said Dr Brian Marsden of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, who suggests it could be "the comet of the millenium", possibly even surpassing the Great Comet of 1811 which turned night into day and which was said to portend the downfall of Napoleon.'

The article continues with an element of the tongue-in-cheek:
'An even larger incoming object, named Chiron, has an estimated diameter of about 125 miles. Discovered in by Charles Kowal in 1977, . . . it is over 50,000 times the characteristic volume of a comet. Its closest pass to this earth will be on April Fool's Day 1996.'

With such a visitor on its way, people will be unavoidably aware of these objects and will be concerned unless they see precautions having been made.

The well known Murphy's law is set to catch us out: an event is most likely to happen if one is unprepared for it to happen. What fools, however, our leaders will look if they have made preparations for a disaster which in hindsight turns out to be a non event!

The answer to this paradox came in The Times of 18th October 1995: "Climate experts predict 100-year drought in Africa". Clearly, an agricultural over-production next year could be of enormous benefit to Africa if it is not needed at home.

Down to Earth: Global Warming - Agenda 21

Now that global warming is now acknowledged we must face the consequences of increasing the temperature or our planet. We have increased the energy of the system. With this has increased what physicists call the entropy - the natural disorder. We have increased the energy and increased the disorder. We have increased the energy of the disorder. We have increased the disorder of the energy. We can expect the disorder to disrupt our agriculture. If our agriculture is more likely to be disrupted we must stop paying our farmers not to farm and to pay them to grow food and store seed. We must put plenty in distributed stores. If it is not needed we can still help others affected.

If climate in Africa becomes a serious problem, there will be migratory pressures on the North from the South. What will be the solution: starvation, war or help for our fellow men? If we do nothing, might it be a kick up the backside from Heavenly Father? Yes there is hope left in Pandora's box. It is contained in the Speech of the Seventh Angel of the Essene text of St John's Revelation and in Charles Chaplin's Speech of the Great Dictator.

Copies of the book and its preliminary drafts were sent to Prince Charles in Autumn 1995. Counter