BAYWATCH Pamela Anderson can take you to the beach or to bed . . . wearing her Baywatch swimsuit. Here's lots of Baywatch swimsuit Pam Anderson photographs. The most seductive photo of Baywatch 's Pam Anderson you've seen.

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You never expected to be able to go out with Baywatch 's
Pamela Anderson to the beach and sleep with her . . .
did you!?!

Here she is and there's plenty more photos
- if you'd like to scroll down . . .

The original Pam Anderson Photo

You can buy better than a poster of the gorgeously seductive swimsuited Pam Anderson just as she appears in her Baywatch red swimming costume . . . But there are only 4 left in the world. They are collectors' pieces and are now $800, 500 UK pounds or 5000FF

Here she is, ready and waiting for you to take her to the beach . . .
Pam Anderson on Baywatch float sold by Startoy
or to bed . . . Pamela Anderson Baywatch float sold by Startoy
. . . to sleep comfortably with when camping
The reproduction of the picture quality here is not wonderful -
but the real product is LIFE SIZE and top rate . . .

Unfortunately no more are available to buy but some are available to hire for film companies or promotions or you might like one of these instead:

dream airmattress
So desirable that it's bound to walk off if left unattended at the beach!

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If you like inflatable air mattresses here's a review of the different types available in the South of France. Here's a beach where you might find Pamela. Certainly Cindy Crawford stays at the Eden Roc nearby.

Scroll below for some favourite piccies of Pamela Anderson in her swimsuit . . .
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Here is Pamela Lee Anderson in a Baywatch swimsuit on a Baywatch poster

Pam Anderson's Baywatch swimsuit looks better than a bikini . . .
(Who'll flame us for saying that!)

Pamela can look wistful too!

But Pamela Anderson is always happy just for you . . .

Standup model of Pam Anderson on Baywatch sold by HSS
Here's even a life size stand up model of Pam Anderson!
But you can't put her away in a box!

If you don't like taking Pamela to beaches like this
A beach where Pamela would take up too much space
then click here to find a less crowded one in the UK

Hey! Why bay-watch the box when you can buy a box :-) instead!

Come bring Pamela and her film crew please for a shoot in England's Stately Homes!

Want a stately place to stay built the President's architect Latrobe to impress Pamela when you come to the UK?
The victorian bedroom at Hammerwood Park
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at Hammerwood in England which the Clinton family enjoys in Washington

Or come bring Pamela to stay in an English castle

Sex wasn't the original sin - it was the act of Hephaestus

Does Pamela make you feel volcanic? Then here's somewhere volcanic to take her . . .

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By the way, we hope you've enjoyed taking Pamela Anderson to the beach but here's a new Pamela Anderson site which we like

Here's another site which is being kept very much up to date. There's a link on the links page there to a site by Gerry Anderson, reputedly Pamela Anderson 's brother but I don't believe it because he doesn't respond to emails.

Are you thinking of having a rompingly good party? Then here are balloons to celebrate with! The webmaster was asked to improve their website. In the course of this, whilst he normally uses Infoseek he did a search on Altavista for Latex Balloons. To his surprise, Altavista returned a message in which Pamela Anderson admirers might find interest: "AltaVista knows the answers to these questions: "What can you tell me about the sexual interest in latex?". Discovering that a page on the searchhas had 1/4 million visitors in 18 months as also has So it seems that such inflated things are liked by very straight-down-the-line normal ordinary people and is as popular as liking silicone enhanced Pamela Anderson herself.