Apologies to recipients of the email about the programme of organ recitals at Hammerwood Park - the link for these concerts is http://www.hammerwood.mistral.co.uk/concerts.htm

Wood Brown Limited



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Founded in 1975 to establish the finest principles in English pipe organ construction restoration and maintenance, the Company has developed into one of Britain's finest builders of new compact tracker organs.

Primarily aimed at the continually developing market for instruments up to 25 stops, for the medium to small parish church and residential and practice instrument market. The example shown below is one of a number of instruments currently being hand crafted in our workshops and the Company is proud of the fact that all of the mechanical components, including actions, soundboards, frames, casework, wind system, new pipework and all design is created 'in house'. Clients are therefore assured of an unparalleled personal service and involvement at each stage of construction.

From our base in Mid Sussex our team of craftsmen offer the highest quality of service for tuning and maintenance and have instruments in our care throughout the Southern Counties. Should you wish to find out more about our Company please feel free to telephone us to arrange an appointment to see the quality of craftsmanship we offer at first hand.

We are pleased to have been of assistance to our friend David Pinnegar at Hammerwood Park both in the tuning of the Hunter instrument in the Elgin Room and the rebuilding of the bellows in the Library instrument.

David Pinnegar comments: install a house organ for less than the cost of a Steinway!

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