Piano tuning recordings - "A NEW LOOK AT TUNING FOR THE MODERN AGE - PTA News August 2019"


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Demonstrations at the Seminar at Hammerwood Park, 6th May 2019

Demonstration of Resonance and Beating of Harmonics in unequal and equal temperament

Demonstration of 20th Century and Baroque repertoire on Unequal Temperament

Chopin on piano tuned to Prof Jonathan Bellman's Chopin temperament

Mozart and Berg on 1859 Hallé Broadwood tuned to Kirnberger III unequal temperament

Haydn F Minor Variations on 1802 Stodart piano in Meantone, 1885 Bechstein in unequal temperament and 1925 Chappell in Equal Temperament

Restoring Colour, the Chromatic Spectrum to the chromatic scale

This is not ivory tower stuff - the classical music world has stuffily lagged behind what modern guitarists have discovered and are going back to . . .

and such a tuning system can be applied to the modern instrument

Many experiments have been done over many years, including the most extreme

and less extreme

and on more modern instruments

and with a Steinway C in instrumental accompanying

. . . with a direct comparison between equal and unequal tuning

and here on modern concert instruments
A modern Grotrian Steinweg

A concert length Steinway Boston

. . . . and here the Jonathan Bellman Chopin Temperament giving a performance more of the sound of the recordings of the 1940s

Great for Jazz

And for Bach alike

And for Ravel


and with apologies for recording only on mobile phone rather than better equipment . . . .