Ischia - come bathe in Italian Volcanic waters
renowned for millenia for curative spas for arthritis,
rheumatism, painful joints!

This rheumatic joints & arthritis cure is no myth - I took it with a metaphorical pinch of salt, simply enjoying a good holiday on an wonderful island and then found myself free of aching painful joints for four years since.

PLEASE CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR UP TO DATE WEBPAGE Idyillic ISCHIA ISLAND in the gulf of Naples, is a world famous centre for thermal spas with curative water for arthritis and rheumatism. It's in the vicinity of Capri, Pompei, Sorrento, Vesuvio, Positano and Herculaneum, making Ischia ideal for visiting those cities. Enjoy a relaxing holiday in private villa apartments, 2/4 persons, own pools and Jacuzzi, from 200 UK pounds per week.

For brochures and bookings, Tel/Fax +3981998426
Giuseppe Patalano, Via Baiola 109, I-80075, Forio d'Ischia (Na) ITALY

NETSCAPE USERS can email them from here to request further details! Don't forget to give your fax number or snail-mail details. INTERNET EXPLORER USERS email them from here. Don't forget to give your return fax number or snail-mail address for reply/details/brochure.

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If you'd like to pamper yourself in an English Castle before flying to Ischia from Gatwick Airport, try coming to Amberley Castle. Here's a lovely place to stay in the South of France near the Italian border.
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